It all begins in the starter hole where a surface hole is drilled down to a specific measurement. Afterwards, the stages of drilling are continued. Rotary using the mud flush technique (Mud drilling) Here, a drill bit made from tough materials is attached to the end of a drill pipe.


When the process is started, the driller waits until the bit is moving across the substrata. Once it has been confirmed, some drill fluids are passed through the drill pipe, into the hole and then back to the surface. This process is very important as it washes the residue and cuttings back to the surfaces. The fluid has many purposes including the fact that it gives lubrication for the drill bit.


Rotary with air percussion and flush (Air Drilling) This method makes use of compressed air to help break up hard rock formations. This borehole drilling mode requires the skills of an expert. The compressed air is usually used to operate an air hammer which is situated deep down the hole. The same air is what will eventually blow the crushed fragments as well as water up the hole that is being created.