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Steel Gates

Looking for the best steel gates for sale in Kenya? You are in the right place. We offer different types of steel gates in Kenya of the highest quality on affordable prices, great service and genuine interest in customer’s need and safety at all times.

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Our specialty in the supply of high quality natural stone products is inspired by the unlimited possibilities in aesthetics and functionality that the stones offer. Natural stones are applicable in a wide range of interior, exterior and landscaping construction.
There are immense benefits in using natural stones because besides their aesthetics, they are also highly durable. The stones provide a beauty that never fades and adds value to your projects.
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Concrete Culverts

Our culvert Rings come in various sizes; ideal for constructing bridges, drainages and also a specially constructed model for deep wells.

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Concrete Fencing Posts

Specially manufactured using latest methods, concrete boundary walls offered by us have enhanced strength and durability for home construction, commercial construction and other requirements.

Our fencing solutions offer a wide range of options that are used to confine or exclude people or animals, to define boundaries, or for the purposes of decoration.

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We supply and install high quality colored cabro/paving blocks in your drive way, parking lots and general compound. This will transform you home , office or entertainment compound giving it the aesthetic beauty it deserves.
Rana Team Services has you covered for reliable paving blocks services. at only per square meter, you get cabros in any color and in 7 different designs. we also conduct site visits to take measurements of the area of interest to give a quotation. Cabro paving blocks prices in Kenya is  at 250 per square meter and transport is also available. contact us today for a quote
Concrete block paving is available in a variety of shapes and textures. made of high strength concrete, they are very durable and resistant to most chemicals. they are used for driveways and pedestrian areas as designers can use changes in the colour, texture and shape of block paving to distinguish roads from footways, to define parking bays and public space from private space.



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Concrete Hollow Pots

We supply high quality hollow pots for your slab construction.
Advantages of Hollow Slab
• Reduced slab weight due to reduced amount of concrete below neutral axis.
• Ease of construction, especially when all beams are hidden beams.
• Economic for spans> 5m with moderate liveload: hospitals, office and residential buildings.
• Attractive soffit appearance if exposed
• Improved insulation for sound and heat


With our Hollow-pots, you are guaranteed to save a whooping 30% off your slab construction cost

NCA registered
KEBS certified
We supply high quality hollow pots for your slab construction. We also offer top advice to our clients.
Available sizes:-
400 x 200 x 125mm
400 x 200 x 150mm
380 x 200 x 200mm
380 x 200 x 230mm
380 x 200 x 300mm

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